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Premanand ji Maharaj Biography (Maharaj of Vrindavan)

Premanand ji maharaj introduction

The name of Premanand ji Maharaj is one of the supreme devotees of Radha Rani. (Premanand ji Maharaj Biography) The devotee who listens to his satsang with heart, he definitely gets the darshan of Radharani. Param Pujya Premanand ji Maharaj was born in a Brahmin family in Sarson village of Kanpur. Maharaj ji’s name was Anirudh Kumar Pandey. Both his father and grandfather were sanyasis. His mother was pious. His parents used to serve saints and seers and also used to show respect.

In no time Maharaj chose the path of Adhatyam and started chanting Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari. With this he left his house and went away. It is believed that Bholenath himself appeared to Premanand ji and after that he came to Vrindavan.

Full NameAnirudh Kumar Pandey
Famous namePremanand ji Maharaj
BirthNot Known
Birth PlaceAkhri, Sarsol, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Age65 Years approximately in 2023
Premanand ji Maharaj Biography
Premanand ji Maharaj Biography (Maharaj of Vrindavan)
Premanand ji Maharaj
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Premanand ji Maharaj Early Life

Premanand ji Maharaj was born in a Brahmin family in Sarsaul ,Kanpur, Akhiri village of Uttar Pradesh. Maharaj ji is a very simple person, as his family lived in a simple way, similarly he spent his childhood in a simple way.

Maharaj ji loved devotion to God since childhood. His intellectual level was somewhat different from other children. He loved going to the temple, doing bhajans and reciting the Chalisa and that alone gave him peace.

Premanand ji Maharaj Education

Premanand Ji Maharaj did his education from high school in Uttar Pradesh, and according to my information, at the age of 13, he had a thought in his mind that if he would retire, he did not study further And if we come to know about his education and do not get any information then we will update.

Premanand ji Maharaj Family

Premanand Maharaj’s father was Shambhu Pandey who was a devotee and his mother’s name was Rama Devi. His family was already engaged in the devotion and service of those sages. Maharaj ji’s grandfather was also a Sanyashi.

Maharaj ji’s elder brothers were also wonderful like him. He had full knowledge of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita spiritually and used to listen to it sitting together.

Grand Father’s NameNot Known
Father’s NameShambhu Pandey
Mother’s NameRama Devi
Brother’s NameNot Known
Wife NameUnmarried
Premanand ji Maharaj Family

The celibate life of Premanand ji Maharaj

When Premanand ji Maharaj left the house, he went somewhere else to get initiated, after that he was initiated into moral celibacy. Maharaj ji’s name was also changed, he was again called by the name Anandswaroop Brahmachari and he became a monk. Then after that he was named Anandaswaroop Brahmachari because he accepted the epic.

Hard penance of Premanand Ji Maharaj

premanand ji maharaj ji used to think about taking a sanyasi life since childhood, he has done a lot of penance to get God, he wanted to dedicate his whole life at the feet of God. He used to live mostly alone, he used to sit under a tree and get engrossed in doing penance. He used to keep fasting for many days without eating.

He had taken sanyas, he told his mother that he wanted to become a sanyasi and wanted to leave this world’s illusion and everything. His routine started with devotion to the Lord and every day he used to circumambulate Vrindavan.

When Maharaj ji had renounced everything after becoming a Sanyasi, he never stayed in the ashram for the whole day, he used to spend most of his time on the banks of river Ganga. He used to go for a walk on the river ghats. He used to beg among the people.

Ever since he went to Vrindavan, he never changed his routine. He used to bathe in the cold water of the Ganges even in the winter season. He fasted continuously for several days in a month and did not eat anything in between.

Premanand Ji Maharaj of Vrindavan

Premanand ji Maharaj was a great devotee of Lord Shiva, due to which Lord Shiva’s grace was always on him. He was always meditating somewhere, even sitting under a tree when he was in Banaras. He was very much attracted by the reputation of Vrinda Van because Shyamashyam ji has always blessed him.

Maharaj ji used to participate in the lessons of Raas Leela, his whole routine was spent in this. Sometimes he used to get ecstatic in these pastimes, then he used to forget his life too. His life changed completely in a month.

Maharaj started being called miraculous in the world, his miracles are famous all over the world. Lakhs of people come from India and abroad to visit Maharaj ji, who take his blessings.

After some time Maharaj ji had gone to Vrindavan, his Guru had asked him to go there. Shri Narayan Das was a disciple of Bhaktimali, with his help Maharaj reached Vrindavan.

Gradually, Maharaj ji got attached to Vrindavan and started living there. When he reached Vrindavan, he did not recognize anyone there, everyone was a stranger to him. He would circumambulate Vrindavan throughout the day and visit Shyam ji in the morning and evening.

Maharaj ji was so engrossed in the pastimes of Harivansh that he started chanting his name as well and made circumambulation of Vrindavan a daily routine.

Premanand ji Maharaj Contact Number

Premanand Ji Maharaj is living in the ashram of Vrindavan, if you want to visit him, his number has not been made public. So this is the address- Shri Hit Radha Kelly Kunj, Vrindavan Parikrama Marg, Varah Ghat, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, Vrindavan-281121.

You can visit Maharaj ji by visiting this address, for more information you can visit his official website.

Official WebsiteClick Here
Premanand ji Maharaj Contact Number

Net worth of Premanand ji Maharaj

I don’t have any information about Premanand Ji Maharaj’s net worth yet, I will update if I get any information about his networth.

Premanand ji Maharaj Social Media Account

Premanand Ji Maharaj does not use any social media account, but he has a YouTube channel run by his organization whose link is given below.

Youtube ChannelClick Here
Premanand ji Maharaj Social Media Account

Premanand ji Maharaj Intresting Facts

  • The real name of premanand ji maharaj is anirudh kumar pandey.
  • Premanand ji Maharaj’s Guru ji’s name is Shri Gaurangi Sharan Ji Maharaj.
  • Premanand ji maharaj is currently living in Vrindavan.
  • The idea of ​​adopting the ascetic life came to Premanand Ji Maharaj when he was only 13 years old and was studying in 9th standard at that time.
  • Premanand ji Maharaj was born in Akhri Village, Sarsaul Block, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. His family was very simple and pious, so his childhood was spent very simply.
  • From childhood his intellectual level was different from other children, his focus was more on devotion, from childhood he started going to temple, doing Kirtan and reciting Chalisa.

FAQ Section

Q. Who is Premanand ji Maharaj?

Ans. Premanand Ji Maharaj is a spiritual master and saint, popularly known as Maharaj Ji of Vrindavan. The real name of Maharaj ji is Anirudh Kumar Pandey.

Q. How old is premanand ji maharaj?

Ans. Premanand Ji Maharaj (2023) is 65 years old.

Q. Where was Premanand Ji Maharaj born?

Ans. Premanand ji Maharaj was born in a Brahmin family in Sarsaul ,Kanpur, Akhiri village of Uttar Pradesh.

Q. What is the net worth of Premanand Ji Maharaj?

Ans. It is not in our knowledge how much is the net worth of Premanand ji Maharaj now.

Q. What is the real name of Premanand ji Maharaj?

Ans. The real name of Premanand ji Maharaj is Anirudh Kumar Pandey.

Q. Where is Premanand ji Maharaj currently living?

Ans. Premanand ji Maharaj is currently living in Vrindavan.

Q. What is the name of Premanand Ji Maharaj’s wife?

Ans. Premanand Ji Maharaj has not married yet, he is still unmarried.

Q. What was the name of the mother of Premanand Ji Maharaj?

Ans. Premanand ji Maharaj ji’s mother’s name was Rama Devi ji.

Q. What was the name of the Father of Premanand Ji Maharaj?

Ans. Premanand ji Maharaj ji’s Father’s name was Shambhu Pandey.

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