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India Suspends Canadian Visa Services

India bans Indian visa for Canadian citizens

To teach a lesson to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, (India Suspends Canadian Visa Services) the Modi government has come into very strict action mode. India has suspended the visa service of Canadian citizens with immediate effect. Before this, citizens of India traveling to and living in Canada will be banned. A special advisory has been issued to target Indian refugees living in Canada and opposing anti-national activities. India has asked its citizens to be especially cautious in this regard.
Let us tell you that the relations between the two countries have deteriorated after Canada made baseless allegations of Indian government’s involvement in the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

India Suspends Canadian Visa Services
India Suspends Canadian Visa Services
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Justin Trudeau tried to get help from many other countries like US, UK and Australia to tarnish India’s image, but Trudeau could not get through. Since then, India has steadily grown outside of Canada. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has expelled an Indian diplomat from the country after Trudeau accused India of killing Khalistani terrorist Pradeep Singh Nijjar. Subsequently, India responded in the same tone by expelling its consul general to Canada. Since then, relations between the two countries have been relatively stable. Recently, India has stopped issuing visas to Canadian citizens.

The Modi government has issued a travel advisory for Indians in Canada

Amid the ongoing diplomatic row between India and Canada, the Modi government has issued a new travel advisory to Canada. In an advisory issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, Indian citizens and students residing in Canada or traveling to Canada should exercise extreme caution. Caution is advised. Tensions between the two countries have been running high over the last few days over the killing of Khalistani separatists in Canada. The Canadian government issued an advisory on Tuesday advising Canadians traveling to India to exercise caution. Citizens are advised to exercise extreme caution.

Canada government rejects travel advice from India’s foreign advisory

In a long-running dispute between the Canadian and Indian governments, Justin Trudeau’s administration on Wednesday rejected a travel advisory issued by India’s foreign ministry, calling it one of the safest countries in the world . . . .

The reported spat between Canada and India began when Canada accused the Narendra Modi government of playing a role in the killing of Khalistani separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in June, and that after which the prime minister of India was removed from office. India denied that the remarks were ‘nonsense’ and ‘provocative’ and retaliated by expelling a senior Canadian diplomat.

The MEA advisers spoke of ‘intimidation’ and ‘anti-India policies’ targeting Indian diplomats and sections of the Indian community, and asked Indians to avoid travel to and from those destinations Canada. Where such cases have been found.

In light of the advisory, Canadian Immigration Minister Mark Miller on Wednesday sought to reassure Indians that it was safe to travel to the country.

Miller acknowledged that tensions between the two administrations had been running high but he had to remain calm.

Canada will be exposed to the world

With immediate effect, visas for Canadian citizens in India have been suspended till further orders. They are asked to keep checking the website for further updates. The possibility of taking many more strict actions from India is being expressed. NIA has also released a list of many terrorists living in Canada so that Canada’s support to them despite being involved in activities against India can be exposed to the whole world. According to sources, India has a comprehensive dossier on terrorists living in Canada. He is also busy in preparing the report so that by presenting him on the world stage, Canada’s sympathy towards terrorists can be exposed and he can be brought to the dock.

Travel advisory of Government of India

The day after this advisory by the Canadian government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of India also issued its advisory. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi has also shared the advice on social media. “Recently, threats have been leveled at Indian diplomats and Indians who oppose the anti-India policy. In these circumstances, Indian nationals are advised not to visit possible locations and locations in Canada if they have seen information.” such The Advisory added ” In view of anti-India activities, politically motivated hate crimes and increased criminal violence in Canada, all Indian citizens residing in or traveling to Canada are requested to they are very careful.

India Suspends Canadian Visa Services
Travel advisory of Government of India

Criticized for sharing distorted picture of India – Singer Shubh

In 2023, Shubh was criticized by a notice after posting a distorted map of India on Instagram. The post clearly showed that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and the North-Eastern States of India have been crossed out and are shown below a map. Wrote ‘Pray for Punjab’ However, he later removed the picture after Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut reacted to his story and said, ‘This Khalistani virus disease has caught many Punjabi celebrities there.’ There should be legal consequences, Government of India should strengthen the law against such criminals, send them to jail for 2 days, answer the blanks in your mind, fill in the blanks, pay attention to everyone.

Singer Shubh Instagram Account – ” Click Here “

FAQ Section

Q. What is the reason for tension between India and Canada?

Ans. Pro-Khalistan separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar was originally a resident of Jalandhar, Punjab. Nijjar had migrated from India to Canada in 1997, but because he was the mastermind of the terrorist group ‘Khalistani Tiger Force’ (KTF), Indian agencies were looking for him for a long time. In June 2023, Nijjar was shot dead by some unknown assailants near a Gurudwara in Surrey, Canada. Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, while speaking in his Parliament, alleged that Indian agencies were involved in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The Indian government has completely rejected this allegation of Canada. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has clearly stated that “the allegation of India’s involvement in any kind of violent action on Canadian soil is completely absurd.” Due to this issue, tension between India and Canada has increased significantly in the last few days. Both countries have even taken action to expel each other’s diplomats, the initiative of which was taken by Canada. The latest travel advisory issued by Canada and India is also a new link in this controversy.

Q. Has India banned Canadian citizens from coming to India?

Ans. India has banned the visas of Canadians to India due to the recent conflict between Canada and India.

Q. Why is Singer Shubh surrounded by controversies?

Ans. Singer Shubh had posted a map on his Instagram account in 2023 in which the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and the North-Eastern States of India had been crossed out, due to which he is surrounded by a lot of controversies due to what he posted.

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