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Bhakt Bhagwat Biography (Devotee of Lord Krishna)

Bhakt Bhagwat Introduction

Today we are going to tell you about a small child of 3 years, Bhakt Bhagwat Biography whose name is Bhakt Bhagwat, who is not at all like today’s small children, he does not read ABCD, a small poem like today’s children. Is. he has become a scholar and at such a young age, they don’t feel like going to school, rather they feel like going to Gurukul, if they are to be believed, they are still small children, but they He remembers a lot of Sloka. So let’s know through this article Bhakt Bhagwat Biography.

Bhakt Bhagwat
Full NameBhakt Bhagwat
Birth 2020
Birth Place Govrdhan
Age3 Years in 2023
Bhakt Bhagwat Biography
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Bhakt Bhagwat Early Life

Bhagwat devotee of UP (Uttar Pradesh) this child has done wonders, at the age of 3 when children learn ‘Johnny Johny Yes Papa’, this child narrates Bhagwat Katha, A for apple, B for ball, common child but this A is for Arjuna and B is for Balarama, children insist before eating, pray before eating, when there is Harinam Kirtan it seems as if listening.

We are talking about the mischievous little Bhagwat, who at a young age dedicated himself to the service of God. At this age children go to school, but this child does not want to go to school. Because Bhagvat Geeta is not recited to him in school, the name of the Gurukul from which he is taking education is (Gaurang Institute for Vedic Education) (Give Geeta Gurukul) and his teacher’s name is Shri Vridavan Chandradas.

Bhakt Bhagwat Family

Bhakt Bhagwat belongs to a small family in which his father is Akaam Bhakti Das. His full name is Aditya Sharma. He did his schooling from Jaipur and did his college from University of Engineering and Technology, Chennai Campus, Modinagar, after which he joined the Navy. Got selected with a package of Rs 10 Lakh,

then showed more interest in Bhagavad Gita and His wife Poojya Sachhi Devi sought her son Bhagwat as a form of devotion to God and made a good effort to give him good manners so that when Bhagwat grew up he would preach the Gita. It is said that when a child is in the womb, whenever he is given good education, similarly when Bhagwat was in his mother’s womb, his mother gave him good education. was known and she always used to sing Hare Rama Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

Father’s NameAditya Sharma
Mother’s NamePoojya Sacchi Devi
Brother’s NameHariansh
Sister’s NameNot Known
Bhakt Bhagwat Family

Bhakt Bhagwat Father Education

Akaam Bhakti Das from Jaipur whose first name is Aditya Sharma completed his schooling from Jaipur and completed his college M.Tech Engineer degree from SRM University Modinagar Chennai.

Bhakt Bhagwat Mother Education

Bhakt Bhagwat’s mother’s name is Poojya Sachhi Devi and we don’t have any information about her studies now, if we get any information, we will update it in future.

Bhakt Bhagwat Give Geeta

Bhakt Bhagwat Give Geeta

Bhagwat is 3 years old and even at such a young age Bhagwat has become well versed in Gita. He wants to grow up to be “Sila Prabhu Paat”, who is a devotee of Krishna and preaches the Gita. Devotees say in the preaching of Bhagavad Gita that the Bhagavad Gita of the disciple is like nectar, consuming which a man comes to know what is the karma of his birth.

What good deeds should he do in his life? The answers to all the questions that arise in the mind of man are hidden in the Gita. Gita tells man the goal of his life. What good deeds should he do in life and for which work he should dedicate his life.

Gita is that knowledge, by getting which man can stop those saints in the world, listening to which man gets mental peace. It is said, “Dharma aham vishesh” means religion is the only specialty. In Bhagwat Gita, Pach has taught control over work, anger, greed, attachment, ego.

Net worth of Bhakt Bhagwat

Right now I do not have any information about Bhakt Bhagwat’s net worth, if I get any information I will update it.

Bhakt Bhagwat Social media Account

Bhakt Bhagwat’s Instagram account is run by his parents, Bhagwat has a good following on Instagram, which is seen, he has more than 670K followers and if you want to go to his Instagram Account, then given below Click on the link.

Instagram Accountbhakt_bhagwat_givegita
Bhakt Bhagwat Social media Account

Intresting Facts of Bhakt Bhagwat

  • Bhakt Bhagwat is only 3 years old.
  • Bhakt Bhagwat is born in 2020.
  • Bhakt Bhagwa’s father’s name is Aditya Sharma who is also known as Akaam Bhakti Das, and his mother’s name is Pujya Sachhi Devi.
  • When Bhagwat was in his mother’s womb, his mother recited 18000 slokas and used to visit the temple daily.
  • Bhakt Bhagwat went to Gurukul at the age of 3 instead of school.
  • Bhagwat is 3 years old and has become proficient in Bhagwat Gita at such a young age. He wants to grow up to be “Sila Prabhu Paat”, a Krishna devotee who preaches the Gita. In an interview of Bhagwat his father tells that he wants to make his son a preacher of Bhagwat Geeta because nowadays you have seen that Hinduism has become a religion and it is a holy book where you and we get answers to our questions . , Can get
  • In this Kalyug man has come to the verge of forgetting himself, he doesn’t even know what he is doing, he doesn’t even want to know what he is? Why is it like this? What life is running only after money, (Note: The meaning of this sentence is to introduce the truth, not to hurt the feelings) Today there is no place for peace inside man, he is going far away, he is not getting the way, he has forgotten the way, he is getting material knowledge, but what about the mind? He has no knowledge of Vedic knowledge.

FAQ Section

Q. Who is Bhakt Bhagwat?

Ans. Bhakta Bhagwat is 3 years old Sanatani Hindu who wants to spread the knowledge of Shri Bhagwat Geeta to every person in India.

Q. How old is Bhakt Bhagwat?

Ans. Bhakt Bhagwat is just 3 Years old.

Q. When and where was Bhakta Bhagwat born?

Ans. Bhakta Bhagwat was born in Govardhan in the year 2020.

Q. what is the name of Bhakt Bhagwat parents?

Bhagwat’s father’s name is Aditya Sharma, who is also known by the name of Akaam Bhakti Das, his mother’s name is Pujya Sachhi Devi.

Q. Does Bhakt Bhagwat have any siblings?

Ans. Bhag Bhagwat has a brother named Hariansh.

Q. What is the net worth of Bhakt Bhagwat?

Ans. Right now I do not have any information about Bhakt Bhagwat’s net worth, if I get any information I will update it.

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